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Dan White Photography
Dan is a photojournalist that I met while traveling from Vietnam to Cambodia. We spent a memorable Christmas together in Phnom Penh. Check out his photographs.
Yamanouchi Iguana Laboratory
I have visited Akira and Takako in Japan a couple of times and had a wonderful time with them and their animals. Go to the bottom of my travel page to see some pictures of our time together. They have just published their second book on iguanas. They included a photo of a wild iguana I took while in Costa Rica

Ballard Law Group

My long time friend John Hicks has opened a law office in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. If you are in need of an honest, hardworking lawyer give him a call.


My high school friend Jeff Thompson has a business constructing, resurfacing and striping rubberized running tracks.

The Bergman Group

My college roommate Bruce Bergman has an accounting business in Lynwood, Washington.
El Sano Banano
This is the site for my friend Lenny Iacano's Beach Bungalows and vegetarian restaurant located in Montezuma, Costa Rica. I helped Lenny get started with Macintosh computers by long distance from Seattle and was able to visit him on my trip to Costa Rica. If you are looking for a great place to stay and some great food while in Costa Rica then this is the place.
Jori's Bird Page
I haven't written Jori in a long time, but his site is really cute and fun to navigate. His carvings of birds are pretty amazing too.
Cheap, Cheap but Rich!
This is the website of Michiko. She is from Japan, but now living in England. She traveled around the world for 7 months in the same style as I travel. I think she has some interesting things to say about people, culture, and travel. Her photos are also very good.


Bill Nye
The science guy.
Volcano World
All the info you need on volcanoes. One of my passions is visiting and climbing volcanoes, especially active ones.
Cascades Volcano Observatory
This site keeps track on what is happening with our local volcanoes here in the Northwest. Mt. Saint Helens seems to be acting up these days so go here to find out the latest.

USGS Earthquake Website

If you feel the earth shaking you can find links here that will tell you within a few minutes where the epicenter of the earthquake was located and how strong it was. I have come here a couple of times after feeling strong earthquakes while I was in California to find out loads of info on what happened only minutes before.
Electronic Zoo
This site is about the best I have found for links to info about animals, both wild and domestic. It is also a veterinary site so if you have an ailing pet this place may be able to help.
National Marine Mammal Laboratory
Located in Seattle, this is the place to go to learn more about marine mammals.
If your interested in birds this is a good place to start.
Mars Pathfinder
Some great photos of Mars here. Really amazing what this mission accomplished.
Comet Observation Home Page
Another great site from JPL that really informs about a comets. Find out how they are discovered mostly by amateurs.
International Space Station
All about the space station orbiting above us. Includes info on tracking the station so you can have the chance to watch it pass overhead. It is easily visible with the naked eye.
El Nino Observations
This site catalogs observations relating to the biological effects of the 97-98 El Nino. Many stories of animals being totally out of their normal range are told here.
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
This site is for kids, but even as a biologist I thought is was pretty informative. If you have ever wondered about those gross bodily functions that no one seems to want to talk about then this is the place for you. Find out everything from why farts stink to why you throw up.
The Skeptic
Magazine of the Skeptics Society, which is a group of scientists, scholars, magicians, and others who are dedicated to educating people about extraordinary claims and any kind of pseudoscience. If you hear of something unbelievable best to check here first before you accept it as fact.


Moon Travel Handbooks
These books are the ones I use most often when I am traveling. They are full of great info about the countries they cover and are written for backpacker travelers like me.
Lonely Planet Online
I often use LP's books too. They tend to be more up to date on the day to day info you need like where to stay or eat, but are not as good when it comes to teaching you about where you are. Be sure to visit my travel page for my philosophy on using these guide books. Both of these sites offer lots of info about traveling and should be checked out for the latest info about where you are going just before leaving home.
Travel Health Online
This site seems to have pretty complete information on keeping healthy while on the road. Explains all the possible vaccinations and which ones are needed for most countries. Also lists places to get the shots before you go.
Consolidators & Bucket Shops
Many people ask me where to find cheap tickets for around the world travel. This page does a good job of explaining how and where to find cheap fares that the airlines will never tell you about, nor will sites like travelocity or expedia for that matter.
Travel Library
This is the parent site to the above link on consolidators. It has loads of information for those wanting to hit the road cheaply and safely around the world.
This site offers translators for many languages and is a great place to start if you are trying to learn some of the local lingo before you go. Also a calculator for exchange rates and lots of other general travel info and links. A bit heavy on advertising these days, but I guess that is what it takes to survive on the Internet now.
This site used to be a general site for keeping in touch while traveling, but these days seems to be just promoting the authors book on finding cybercafes around the world. I am not sure how up to date the book is, but it may be useful. I found on my last trip that cybercafes where so ubiquitous that I never had much trouble finding one, even in quite remote places.
Curious Cat Travel Books
This site sells travel books and gives some info about each one. It also has a cybercafe guide. Both this guide and the one linked above are not that complete. Most of the places I used on my last trip were not listed. I haven't found a really complete site yet so if you know of one let me know.

Weird Stuff

I have always been fascinated by those crop circles that show up in England. This site has everything you always wanted to know about them, including how to make your own!
The home of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. If you are a skeptic like myself this site will clue you in on what is for real and what is fake in this whacky world of ours.

Funny Stuff

The Onion
America's Finest Newspaper...well, maybe just it's funniest.
Comedy Central
Site of the funniest channel on tv....maybe I'll get cable someday so I could actually watch it.
Dave Barry
This guy is about as funny as they get. Here is a huge archive of all his columns and info about his books. If you read his stuff just make sure you aren't in public unless you are not embarrassed about laughing out loud.
The Web Home of Penn and Teller
These guys are great at combining magic and laughs, and they don't even mind telling you how they do it!
The Useless Pages
If you think my site has no redeeming social value, just check out some of the ones listed here.



The University of Washington
I got my degree in Zoology here. Go Huskies!
KMTT The Mountain
This is the radio station I listen to most often in Seattle. It plays a good variety of tunes, including classic rock and lots of new stuff.
The Stranger
Seattle's best alternative free newspaper. The best source for finding out what to do in this city. Also the best personal ads around!
C Humphrey's Misc. World
This is a site related to The Stranger written by it's editor. I believe this dude was an editor of the UW Daily when I was an undergrad. A "Report on Popular Culture in Seattle and Beyond."
Speakeasy Cafe
This is the cybercafe where I have my email account. The closest thing I have to a permanent address.
The Silly Streets of Seattle
A visual guide to Seattle kitsch from the Fremont Troll to the Lincoln Toe Truck.
Woodland Park Zoo
One of the best zoos around.



Pyramid Brewery
In my hometown of Kalama, Washington.
Beer Links
Links to 268 breweries from those wacky guys at the Beer Can Collectors of America.


Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain Hotels
This is the site for my friends place at Crystal Mountain. I made this site and am the official webmaster. Quite an honor! Don't be to critical...I know it needs lots of work, just like this site.
Crystal Mountain Resort
This is the ski resorts website. To see a great view of Mt Rainier (if the weather is clear) check out their snowcam at the top of the mountain. It reloads a new image every few minutes.


Computer Virus Myths
For all those people who want to send me chain mail about kids dying of cancer or the $1000 that Bill Gates is going to send me please check out this page first. Besides informing about bogus viruses this page also lists all the current Internet hoaxes floating around. Here are some other good sites for checking out various Internet hoaxes, scams, and urban legends: Computer Virus Myths home page, HOAXBUSTERS Home Page, Scambusters, and Nigerian Scam page.
Japan Open Yellow Pages
One of the things I enjoy doing on the Internet is looking at other peoples personal web sites like mine. It is amazing what effort people will put into them. I have made many friends by just emailing owners of interesting pages and telling them how much I like their site. This is a good list for pages in Japan, many of them with English versions.
Fine Homebuilding
I do a lot of work on houses and this magazine is great for learning new things and better ways to do old things. It has lots of reviews of tools too.
Cyber Times Navigator
Navigator is the home page used by the newsroom of The New York Times for forays into the Web. Its primary intent was to give reporters and editors new to the Web a solid starting point for a wide range of journalistic functions without forcing all of them to spend time wandering around blindly to find a useful set of links of their own. Its secondary purpose was to show people that there's a lot of fun and useful stuff going on out there. This is a good list of news and related links for journalists.