In May and June of 1995 I spent two months in Costa Rica. Some friends of mine have a house there in a village called Montezuma on the Pacific Coast. They wanted a swimming pool built and asked me to come down and help. My friends Brad & Marcela were also getting married in San Jose at that time so another reason I went was to attend their wedding.

I did have some chance to travel a little around the country. One of my favorite places was the Arenal volcano. I love volcanos and if I hadn't studied zoology I would have probably been a geologist. I have visited many volcaloes around the world, but Arenal was the first one that was actually spewing lava.

Around Montezuma I went on many walks and a few horse rides. Mostly I was looking for animals and learning the natural history of the area. This howler monkey came right down next my friends house. This iguana also walked around the front yard. The beaches nearby had many seashells. This blue footed booby was not afraid of me at all and I approched within a few feet. Whiptail lizards were also very common in the forest.