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These girls are ethnic Hmong from near Sapa in Northern Vietnam; just south of the Chinese border. They come into town each weekend to sell trinkets to tourist. I met them on their way to their home 3 hours walk away. They were very charming and at each shop we passed they would buy some sweets and share them with me.

These boys were also Hmong from the same area. Notice how the nearest boys hands are died blue from the indigo used to color their clothing.

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. These boys were on their way to play soccer in a bicycle rickshaw in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I had to bicycle ahead of them three times to get this shot.

Some girls along a canal in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam.

These kids are from an unknown ethnic group that lives near Laos along what was the DMZ during the Vietnam war. They are checking out the tourists that stopped to check them out. Note the GI dogtag around the boy held by the girl on the left.

These kids were playing on the 900 year old ruins of Ankor in Cambodia.

Some shy girls in Luang Prabang in northern Laos.

Kids watching our boat being unloaded while I was on a 3 day trip up the Mekong in northern Laos.

Some excited school girls I passed while bicycling along some mountains in the Tanatoraja region of central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Some boys along the water front in Bau Bau, a town in the southeast of Sulawesi.

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