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These photos were taken during by year long trip to Africa in 1983.



The great pyrimid of Cheops in Egypt.



Sailing ships tied up along the Nile River in Sudan

Nile river ferry

This collection of boats and barges is what passed for a ferry that went up the Nile in Sudan. It took about 3 weeks
to make it to Juba in the south of the country.


Dinka boys showing off for the passing ferry along the Nile River in Sudan.


Unknown peoples along the Nile River in Sudan.



Girls along the nile in Sudan.

Sudan People

More people along the Nile in Sudan.


Fisherman with their canoes along the Nile River in Sudan.

Sudan People

More People along the Nile river in Sudan.

Sudan People

Dinka cattle with their huge horns.

Nile Sunset, Sudan

Sunset along the Nile rive in Sudan. Brush fires in the area make the sunset more colorful.

Sudan Fires

Fires raging along the NIle in Sudan. Fires are delibretly set  to provide grassing areas for cattle by
burning out the papyrus so grass can grow.



Masai woman selling trinkets to tourists visiting Masai Mara NP in Kenya.


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All Photographs Copyright Craig Hayslip, 1997. All Rights Reserved. Please do not copy or reuse without permission